2010-2012 Ottawa Integrated Local Labour Market Plan

The Ottawa Integrated Local Labour Market Plan is the culmination of the collaborative efforts of Ottawa’s key stakeholders: business, community, education, labour and government. This report analyzes changes in the Ottawa labour market, key sector changes and issues of labour demand and supply. A detailed literature review of statistical data, reports and studies, combined with community consultation, helps us to analyse the Ottawa economy, and reveals the skills needs and employment patterns likely to play out over the coming years. As such, this report outlines recommendations and a strategic action plan to enhance labour market planning in Ottawa.


Since 2008, the Ontario Government has moved forward with the transformation of Employment Ontario to benefit all customers – individuals, employers and communities. As part of the new customer-focused approach to labour market planning, and due to an absence of a workforce planning board in the area, a new model of integrated local labour market planning (ILLMP) has been undertaken. Employers representing key sectors of the local economy confirmed the need of an ILLMP initiative in Ottawa in December 2008 and agreed to form a committee that plays an active role in providing labour market planning guidance. The partnerships built through the ILLMP initiative have been integral to the success of labour market planning in Ottawa. Stakeholder commitment has been fundamental to the success of this initiative.


  • Information-driven: Planning processes and decisions are based on factual and timely information on current and future skills needs (labour market information, environmental scans, employer feedback, etc.).
  • Demand-driven: Employer leadership and engagement are crucial to the success of the plan. Industry needs are identified, key priorities are determined and an action plan is developed. Industry plays an active role in the solutions, along with service providers, educators, trainers and all levels of government.
  • Identifies risks and challenges: Planning processes identify challenges and key risks in delivering on priorities, and outline options to mitigate critical issues.
  • Transparent and values-based: The plan is developed based on input from employers representing the key sectors of the Ottawa labour market and community stakeholders.
  • Reported regularly and well-communicated: Regular reporting on integrated labour market planning takes place through a variety of media best suited for easy use of the information.


To frame our thinking around the strategic plan and planning priorities, we have developed a Labour Market model that shows both the supply and demand side of Labour Market Planning. In looking at priorities and actions that can be taken to address the issues identified, it is important to consider both sides of the equation. We need to have a clear understanding of the labour market demand to ensure that the supply is leveraged to meet current and future needs. While attracting and retaining demand falls more within the realm of economic development, the Ottawa ILLMP group has considered this component, and may take action in that arena where it fits within our strategic framework.

Labour Market Planning Model_Eng


Title: Labour Market Plan
Date: December 2011

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